ISO Series

Auralex takes our "Total Sound Control" mission to heart in the Iso Series™- Instant Sound Optimzers. Each is specifically engineered to address problems associated with individual sound sources.

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AE Pack – Audio Engineers Pack

This package of ISO™ Series products is specially designed for Audio Engineers and home recording enthusiasts to improve the quality of your sound in any recording or listening space.

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Aural Expanders

In the art of audio sound capture, the recording engineer must contend with and balance many sonic issues (external noise bleed, structure-borne resonance, off-axis colorations) in order to arrive at sounds that are truly sonically robust. 
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The GRAMMA Sound Isolation Riser is an incredibly effective device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker and yields nearly total acoustic sound isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed! 
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Built on the success of GRAMMA, the Great GRAMMA is almost 30% bigger to float large speaker cabinets. 
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The HoverDeck is available in two models; the HD-64Gig, designed for typical four and five-piece drum kits, and the HD-88Concert, configured for larger drum kits and touring applications. 
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The new HoverMat™ is a sturdy, slip-resistant drummers’
rug that improves acoustical isolation and clarifies your
drum’s tone.

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MoPAD Isolation Pads

Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of your work. No matter how good your mixer, mics, preamps, cables, and other pieces of gear that you've invested in, you're not truly hearing what your recordings sound like 
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The Auralex MudGuard isolates your mic by eliminating external noise bleed and filtering out external overtones. This design is engineered for maximum effectiveness using Studiofoam to reduce excessive room ambience and off-axis sound.

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Plat Foam

When used as riser support, PlatFoam Isolation Foam GREATLY purifies the tone of whatever's on the riser and yields dramatically improved isolation characteristics, thus minimizing sound transmission to neighboring spaces. 
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The Auralex® ProPADs™ are a premium version of our current bestselling MoPADs™. ProPADs™ are designed to work with most standard-sized near-field monitors using 5.25”, 6.5” or 8” woofers.

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