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Woodhouse Studio


Considering myself a music and sound maniac, I ventured for the fourth time in my carreer to build a new studio where I could bring in all of my experience from a 33 years of history in music and certainly a lot of “know-how”.

In my new Woodhouse Studio, which insiders affectionately call “No. 4 – the f*****g masterpiece”, I have not only brought in all of my experience, but also managed to realize all my wishes with regard to the aesthetics and acoustics.

Top of my wish list was for the studio

  • to have a good atmosphere and a garden view for a creative and comfortable working ambience
  • to comply with my (sometimes very fancy) requirements both with regard to the aesthetics as well as the acoustics
  • to provide for several studio rooms for recording and mixing – offering highest possible flexibility with regard to the acoustics and enough space to work live with bands and instruments

While searching for a qualified partner to uncompromisingly implement my ideas, I came across the German website of Auralex Acoustics, represented by ICM. I was immediately positive about the versatility and quality of their products. So, get me that stuff… After only a few phone calls (where I found out that the managing director of this company is an old fellow musician from Hagen), and with the really outstanding expertise and support of ICM, I could realize my acoustical and design conception and build my studios which are now up and running.

In addition to various natural materials such as wood and stone, mainly acoustic modules from Auralex such as LENRD Bass Traps / 12’’ CornerFill Cubes / VENUS Bass Traps / MetroFusor / T-Fusor / DST-422 / SonoFlat Panels etc. were applied. The results of the first listening tests and the first production (grey is all theory…) have exceeded all my (admittedly high) expectations by far! The aim was for the new studio to surpass the former ones – and this has been achieved!!! Thank you Auralex…, Thank you ICM !!!

Siggi Bemm




mick baumeister music for films


„Actually, I had never been entirely satisfied with the acoustics in my live room and my control room. I had tried all kind of treatment, such as broadband absorbers, Helmholtz resonators etc. Yet, I always had the feeling that the rooms were not really “performing“.

Browsing the web in search of a perfect solution, I came across the German Auralex website. I was impressed by the wide range of products, so I took up contact with the German distributor ICM. The expert advice which they provided helped me a lot to optimize my rooms with Auralex.

I’m using Q’Fusors in my live room and I can say that these diffusors have finally given to this room a dimension of “real infinity”. My Fazioli grand piano sounds much more concerted, airy and it just “opens up” now. Just brilliant!

The Studiofoam Wedges Absorbers are incredibly precise to apply. They remove all of the interfering reflections. They allow me to specifically control the acoustics where needed – very nuanced and very precise. These absorbers do exactly what they promise to do acoustically. Moreover – and this is also an important aspect to me – it is also the design of the Auralex products which reflect their high quality.

I very much like the shape of the Lenrd Bass Traps, and the best thingon them is, that they are very efficient too.

I’m absolutely impressed by the aesthetics and the efficiency of the Auralex products.”

Mick Baumeister







"In Spring 2008 our company has inaugurated our two fully refurbished mastering suites - redesigned from the scratch with new highly optimized room acoustics. Besides low frequency absorbtion via resonance absorbers and helmholtz resonators we found AURALEX products to be very useful to provide a constant broadband absorbtion / reflection damping in the mid and high frequencies.

It turned out that the red TrueTraps GENESIS panels we used also look really well, especially if you cover the walls with some more elements arranged to one single surface. It was a good decision to work with Auralex as their products are of high quality, easy to install und unproblematic to combine with other room acoustic solutions at any time.

Thanks Auralex."

Alexander Zwarg
Mastering Engineer






Oliver Thomas




„I wanted my cellar room to become a proper studio where I can arrange, record and mix my productions. In order to obtain a transparent, clean sound and to no longer be in the dark when it comes to mixing, I knew I had to do something abouth the acoustics. With Auralex I achieved an amazing improvement of my room acoustics. Not only that the installation of the “Sonoflat System” was dead easy, it also improved the appearance of the room quite a lot. Even with a relatively large monitoring system (Blue Sky System One) for a fairly small-sized room, fantastic result can be achieved now.

With Auralex I have found an elegant solution to my acoustical issues.

I’m glad Auralex was recommended to me - I can only recommend it too.”

Oliver Thomas







„Wir bei Cessaro entwickeln und stellen hochwertige Hornsysteme für den audiophilen Kunden her.

Für die wichtige Messe „HighEnd“ in München haben wir nach einer variablen Lösung für die akustische Optimierung unseres Hörraumes gesucht. Mit den Produkten von Auralex Acoustics haben wir einen Hersteller gefunden, der diesen Anspruch zu unserer vollen Zufriedenheit erfüllt.“

Ralph Krebs



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